Innocent Lashes


100% Siberian mink hair lashes, with unbelievable price and volume.

Reusable up to 30 times or more

100% vegan and cruelty free

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Innocent Lashes

Innocent Lashes are made to make sure that the longing of our customers to get an charming and amiable look never goes unfulfilled. These lashes can always fulfil the desired purpose to gain attractive and suitable length. Here we made an attempt to give our customers a charismatic and delicate look but it did not allow us to compromise on the volume; thus we came up with the product which can always complete the demand of customers when it comes to the volume and intensity of the lashes. Consequently, its attractive length and high volume can never be unsuccessful to give you the much loved and preferred look you all have been waiting and longing for. The product has been made by 100% Siberian mink hair which adds to its natural aspect and provides you with a completely innocent and natural look. Along with the aim to provide the users with their desired look, we aim at making it comfortable for them to use the product, for this purpose the lashes consists of a 100% cotton lash band which makes it comfier to use. It also helps in the easy application of the product. Hence, the product is 100% vegan entirely eliminates the chances of cruelty and makes it completely cruelty-free. With all these characteristics, 6D Innocent Lashes are admirable for many other reasons, the unbelievable economical price of the product with high quality and capability to meet the expectations of the customer makes it more precious. Innocent Lashes are easily applicable, and easy to remove. It facilitates the usage of up to 30 wears, whereas it can also be used more than 30 times. The product is entirely heatproof and water-resistant. And its volume and length eradicate the need to apply extra mascara. Innocent Lashes with all its unique features will always match up to the mark and never fall short to provide the most wanted look. So, have your beloved and insta worthy look for any occasion, and rock the stage!


Following are the unique and distinct characteristics of the product:

· 100% protein hair

· 100% cotton lash band

· 6D lashes

· Cruelty Free

· Appropriate Volume

· Suitable Length

· Sufficient Intensity

· Easily applicable

· Easy to remove

· Simply reusable

· Provide more than 30 wears

· Heatproof

· Water resistant

· Zero need for mascara application


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