Pixies Lashes


100% Siberian mink hair lashes, with unbelievable price and full volume.

Reusable up to 30 times or more

100% vegan and cruelty free

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Lashes Pixies

We have brought you very good news that your hunt for go-to go falsies is finally over! The most important Pixies can facilitate you with is its lightest intensity and elegant appearance. If you are avoiding any kind of heavy look and searching for something light, chic, classy but natural; then Pixies is the product you have been looking for. It provides you with a natural appearance with all its graceful characteristics. Even after providing the natural aspect, we do not compromise on volume, intensity and length. Our brand makes sure to provide our customers with sufficient length, volume and intensity, which makes the product 3 dimensional. And all this significance abolishes the requirement of additional mascara. Moreover, to your surprise instead of any fake appearance, all these aspects can be found in a natural way, because we take care of your preferences and try our best to make our products cruelty free with natural ingredients. Pixies are made up of 100% natural protein hair and comprise of 100% cotton lash band. It will help you carry the falsies in an improved and natural way, this makes the application and removal of the product easier and makes it effortless and facile to use. These Pixies are always reusable and provide more than 30 wear. Along with these qualities, additional features include Pixies being heatproof and water resistant. These characteristics lessen the chances of any kind of damage that can happen to the product. Our Pixies lashes with their distinct characteristics and natural look can always play their role to make your look flawless and fantastic with its super light and natural looking tendency. So, there is no need to give it a second thought, get ready to grab your pair of these falsies and get a perfectly chic look.

Following are the unique and distinct characteristics of the product:

· 100% protein hair

· 100% cotton lash band

· 3D lashes

· Cruelty Free

· Natural Look

· Appropriate Volume

· Suitable Length

· Sufficient Intensity

· Easily applicable

· Easy to remove

· Simply reusable

· Provide more than 30 wears

· Heatproof

· Water resistant


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