Lashes Intensity


Introducing our exquisite “Intensity Lashes” – the epitome of lash perfection. These lashes are meticulously crafted with precision to give you an alluring and voluminous flutter that’s ideal for weddings, bridal wear, parties, and every special event that deserves captivating eyes.

What sets our “Intensity Lashes” apart is the evenly dispersed mink hair, leaving no room for gaps i. It’s crafting, resulting in a luxurious, full-volume effect that will leave everyone in awe.


These lashes are your go-to choice for making a statement and turning heads.

Our commitment to quality and ethics shines through in our Luxury Mink Collection.


“Intensity Lashes” are crafted from 100% real mink hair, ensuring a cruelty-free and guilt-free indulgence in beauty.


To top it off, we’ve designed these lashes with a thin cotton band for ultimate comfort during wear, making them perfect for extended use without any discomfort.

Elevate your lash game with “Intensity Lashes” and experience the elegance, volume, and comfort you deserve. Flaunt your eyes with confidence and grace, knowing you’ve chosen lashes that not only enhance your beauty but also align with your values.


Choose Intensity, choose perfection.

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Lashes Intensity


Who does not want intensity when they use falsies? And getting intensity in lashes is also said to be the sole purpose to use falsies. Then your wait is over and we are pleased to tell our customers that, “Intensity” is the best product to fulfil all your wishes and meet all the expectations. Intensity is full of required volume, and volume eventually guarantees the fluff. The requisite volume will give the fluff which will undoubtedly lead towards the alluring look. The product gives the admirable and satisfactory length and this is indisputably all you need. Above all the other things, the most important quality which adds to its eminence is its look, even after having high intensity, reasonable length and lofty volume it still offers a completely natural look. All these renowned qualities of these 3D lashes can make you free of the worry to apply any extra mascara; these lashes alone are enough to give the beloved, desired and charming look. Keeping in mind our responsibility towards you all, we always take care of the preferences of our valuable and dear customers, thus we make this product with love and 100% mink hair. To add to the comfort while using the product we have used a 100% cotton band, which makes it very easy to apply the Intensity Lashes and it is free of any kind of cruelty. In addition to the easy application of the product, it is also easy to remove it; the quality which adds to the class is that the product can be used more than thirty times. Intensity is a falsie that cannot get affected by any heat, and it does not get damaged by water. All these features and qualities make Intensity our hottest sold product and reached many people to accomplish the goal of getting the pet looks. Then who would like to miss the product which is already in such high demand? Without any doubt, Intensity gives you all the reasons to flex about, so go grab your share of the lashes and get a natural, appealing and required to look without any flaw and trouble.


Following are the unique and distinct characteristics of the product:

· 100% protein hair

· 100% cotton lash band

· 6D lashes

· Cruelty Free

· Appropriate Volume

· Suitable Length

· Sufficient Intensity

· Easily applicable

· Easy to remove

· Simply reusable

· Provide more than 30 wears

· Heatproof

· Water resistant

· Zero need for mascara application


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