Winged Intensity lashes


The lash style ‘winged intensity’ is designed for winged shaped look for eyes, with lifted outer corners and intense with 100% real mink hair (protein hair), which gives a natural look.

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Winged Intensity

This high in demand product is distinctively known as Winged Intensity. The lash style is particularly designed for a notably striking and chic winged shaped look for the eyes, which can not only make your appearance more eye-catching; but its distinct intensity will impeccably give you the perk of adding to your flawless beauty. The lifted corners of the product are always admirable for all of us, and Winged Intensity is the faultlessly right product to have them. There is always an undeniable desire to appear more natural and real, and these lashes will not only fulfill the desire, but it will also on no account fail to give you a graceful natural look due to their manufacturing with 100% real mink hair which are also famously known as protein hair. In addition to mink hair, the presence of 100% cotton lash band will make it comfortable to wear the product for any desired time span without any irritation. Additionally; the characteristic of being 3D with such high intensity can in no way fall short to intensify your gorgeous look. And there will never be any requirement to apply additional mascara for more intensity. The Winged Intensity lashes can be applied very easily and these can also be reused without any damage. This gives you the facility to use the product for more than thirty five times for any event. The heat proof and water resistant attribute of the winged intensity is something which always remains in demand and desired by all of the lash lovers. This lash product, according to the desire of every lash lover will always work to enhance the attractiveness of any eye.

  • These are the distinguishing characteristics of the lashes:

· 100% protein hair

· 100% cotton lash band

· 3D lashes

· Lifted outer corners

· Stylishly fluffy long corners

· Cruelty Free

· Easily applicable

· Easy to remove

· Simply reusable

· Provide more than 35 wears

· Heat proof

· Water resistant

· Zero need of mascara application

  • The method to apply the winged intensity:

· Evenly align the cotton lash band with natural lash line.

· You can trim the extra if there is any need of that.

· Always make sure to wait for 40 – 50 seconds after applying the lash glue to the cotton lash band.

· Wait till the adhesive is tacking.

· Carefully place the lash in the centre of your natural eye lashes.

· Use tweezers to apply lashes.

· Push the inner corner of the strip lash in the place followed by the outer corner.

· Vigilantly press the Winged Intensity against your natural lashes.

· Make sure the lashes are equally adhered with your natural lash line.


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