Lashes Drama


100% real mink lashes with the fluff you have ever imagined with heavy outer corners and natural inner ones.

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Lashes Drama

Aesthetic by its name, the product ‘Lashes Drama’ will always give your eyes the remarkable and spectacular look. It can give your lashes the volume you have always been longing and waiting for. There is the estimable fluff you have ever imagined and it will give you the thicker lash look and will add to your good looks. It is undeniable at any cost, that natural look always remains in demand and fashion, and we try every possible way to get that natural look with some pleasing aesthetics to add glamour. If you have also been wishing for same, then there is good news for you that the ‘Lashes Drama’ is here to end your hunt for it; the product is certainly made with 100% real mink hair which will give you 100% natural and aesthetic look. Along with all this, we always keep in consideration the ease and comfort of our valuable costumers; and for that purpose we make our products in a way that they feel comfortable whenever applied. Lashes Drama has this characteristic of natural inner corners to provide a comfy application, and there are heavy outer corners which do not fail to add drama and volume to your already gorgeous eye look. The 6D texture and fluffy intensity will give you much loved volume and it will leave no need to additional mascara. Lashes Drama are definitely reusable, the product can be handled carefully and used more than 35 times. It’s water resistant and heat proof feature makes it able to use multiple times without any harm.

These are the distinguishing characteristics of the lashes:

· 100% protein hair

· 100% cotton lash band

· 6D lashes

· Fluffy intensity

· Heavy outer corners

· Natural inner corners

· Cruelty Free

· Easily applicable

· Easy to remove

· Simply reusable

· Provide more than 35 wears

· Heat proof

· Water resistant

· Zero need of mascara application

The method to apply the lashes drama:

· Evenly align the cotton lash band with natural lash line.

· You can trim the extra if there is any need of that.

· Always make sure to wait for 40 – 50 seconds after applying the lash glue to the cotton lash band.

· Wait till the adhesive is tacking.

· Carefully place the lash in the centre of your natural eye lashes.

· Use tweezers to apply lashes

· Push the inner corner of the strip lash in the place followed by the outer corner.

· Vigilantly press the Lashes Drama against your natural lashes.

· Make sure that the lashes are equally adhered with your natural lash line.


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